When's the last time you smelled a rose?

I was at a bar today for the first time in probably close to six months. It was a super hip craft beer bar that also broadcasts all of the NHL Hockey games. Located in Santa Monica founded by a nice gentleman from the east coast, NYC if I remember correctly. You know this place is east coast legit when you use the loo. There's a picture of Peter Luger's Menu above the men's urinal. Quite nostalgic if you have ever dined at PL's. 


After a few Petrus sours, my typical recluse self, nestled in a corner part of the bar consciously and constantly reminding myself to close my tab - worried up some thoughts and jotted them down. An inner dialog which differentiates between what is "expected" and what is "exhilarating" - very much stressed and alcohol induced :)

Why can't we paint with our own brush? Sometimes we feel obliged, coerced into what is laid out before us even if it doesn't fit with what we feel is the "right"  way at ANY given time! I am a recluse, I despise the formal, I despise the norm - yet I live in it.
Do rid the tension of everyday monotony with our vices? With our causes? With our constant engagement in life? Let me ask you a question...... 
When's the last time you smelled a rose? 
Whenever you feel this way there are two things to ask yourself. Does it make you happy or does it make you money. Act accordingly.