Chase greatness or grind-on safely with the common folk?

Consider oneself skilled, courageous and authentic. Is it easier to make money as an entrepreneur or grinding the corporate latter? One might have lots of translatable skills which could allow he or she to automate systems and showcase their various proficiencies as a business owner. But is it worth the risk?

As an entrepreneur you will definitely have to work an insane amount of hours. So it’s going to be a busy, booked calendar regardless of one’s choice. Alternatively, therein lies the idea of “passive income”. Creating multiple streams of revenue from multiple products, services and advertising. And….. “With great power comes great responsibility” — I’m pretty sure a President and/or Spider-Man quoted that. Anyways, your future quickly winds up in your hands, similar to the day you turned 18 and quickly had to get your shit together.

As an employee one will definitely put in long hours, but this sacrifice comes with the safety and security of a corporate job. Healthcare, investment options such as 401k and stocks, along with paid vacation and sick leave. Additionally, often times larger the company, slower the pacing which reflects in the daily tasks of a common employee, a common cog in the ever turning wheel.

So which is it? Does one take the leap and chase greatness or do we grind on safely with the common folk?

To answer this question, you have to calibrate your intention. Stop thinking of goals and start thinking of intentions. Ask yourself some very deep questions while sitting in silence. “Do I have it in me to cope with high stress, high demand life of a corporate job, artist, entrepreneur, etc… Do I have an established, tested business model? Can I moonlight while I gain traction with my side business?”. Don’t try to intellectually think your way to a solution. Just sit with the feeling, physically and emotionally. It’s an odd practice at first as your brain will recursively think of a way to solve the problem. But if we can sit in silence and condition ourselves to the sensations of the problem both psychologically and biologically, we can then start to build the mindset needed for the rollercoaster ride of being self employed.