Smart Cuts

First read this book by Shane Snow. Shane will teach you how to use “lateral thinking” to rethink the archaic idea of “paying dues”. He tells stories of how a few people are able to

“achieve incredible things in implausibly short time frames”

I found this thought incredibly useful, specifically when used in my career.

There was point early in my career where I felt idle. I had rapidly educated myself in order to work in the modern economy but quickly felt my skills less and less valuable.

I needed to make a change. I started to think of ways to not only learn new, valuable skills but also double my salary within the next year. I wanted to see how quickly I could achieve this.

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Self validation - Knock it off!

Have you ever had dinner with someone who constantly drones on about themselves? The answer for most people is a thunderous "YES". Have you ever bore witness to a man or woman persistently talk about their new, for example, Sub Mariner Rolex Watch or Louis Vuitton purse? Again, for some people in the first world, a deafening "YES" from the audience. Have you ever asked yourself "this bitch only makes $45,000 a year yet, she's leasing a new BMW? How much credit card debt is he or she in? Is the husband or wife loaded? Who's bringing home the bacon here? Perhaps they have a side business that I'm not considering? What can we unearth about this person's finances that allows them to live this luxurious lifestyle?". Have you ever had a religious fellow bestow platitudes on you such as, " you NEED to stop doing the devil's work and come towards the light?" -- hopefully not and if you have, next time that happens quickly throw a ninja-like, impact smoke bomb and vanish into the shadows before they have you singing religious rock tunes at the "Thursday Night Youth Group". Trust me, it can happen. No fun. But I digress...... Have you ever been on the other side of the dinner table wondering when is this person going to ask YOU about YOUR recent sport, hobby or job? "When are they going to STOP talking about themselves and turn the conversation onto more important subjects.... Like ME!".

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Chase greatness or grind-on safely with the common folk?

Does one take the leap and chase greatness or do we grind on safely with the common folk?

To answer this question, you have to calibrate your intention. Stop thinking of goals and start thinking of intentions. Ask yourself some very deep questions while sitting in silence. "Do I have it in me to cope with high stress high demand life of a corporate job, artist, entrepreneur, etc... Do I have an established, tested business model? Can I moonlight while I gain traction with my side business?". Don't try to intellectually think your way to a solution. Just sit with the feeling, physically and emotionally. It's an odd practice at first as your brain will recursively think of a way to solve the problem. But if we can sit in silence and condition ourselves to the sensations of the problem both psychologically and biologically, we can then start to build the mindset needed for the rollercoaster ride of being self employed.

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Outsourced Curiosity

The most import attribute of being successful has got to be curiosity, more importantly, meandering curiosity. A curious mind is an adventurous mind. With the age of the internet, curiosity is just a click away! With each link-click brings a new resource, a new adventure. But with social media, our curiosity could be being outsourced. Our curiosity is ceasing to zigzag, disallowing us to stumble onto novel ideas, original ways of thinking, etc...

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Capital Expenditures - use it or lose it

I recently had the my first experience consulting on the purchase of a SaaS platform along with constructing the game plan of phasing out our former proprietary system. What I learned is worth sharing.

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Psychedelic trip without the near death experience – my first trip into a sensory deprivation tank

Now, word on the streets is that sensory deprivation tanks simulate some of the same physical and mental stimuli of taking hallucinogens such as Psilocybin, MDMA or DMT. Additionally, it really is the only time in our life, post birth, that we can simulate what it's like to be in our Mother's womb.

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Bare feet on cold concrete - The Morning Routine

There's something about the morning that strikes conflict. For some people the morning is cold, slow - a little crusty eyed. Rolling out of our warm beds into the frostbitten world is an accomplishment in and of itself. Here's some tips to crush the morning routine!

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